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Papillon Youth Outreach’s second volume, Share Your Voice, Share Your Story, is a joint collaboration volume with Kenya Connect. Over the past few months, our team has worked with students at Miondoni Secondary School and the directors of Kenya Connect to create this volume filled with unique voices, creative thoughts, and ideas. 



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We are thrilled to be partnering with Papillon in projecting our students’ voices through the collaborative volume. Kenya Connect works to empower students and teachers in 62 partner schools in Rural Kenya to be successful in the 21 st century. Our students have very limited opportunities for exposure as they live and go to school in the village. Our partnership with Papillon has opened new horizons for the students at Miondoni Secondary School to be friends with students across the world through Pen Pal letters as well as creating and sharing their favorite artworks and writings. The program is connecting the youth for mutual learning opportunities by opening pathways for them to share their world views with a broader community beyond the limits of their village. They are also gaining appreciation of themselves, their culture and environment as they join ranks to be part of a greater global citizenry.

James Musyoka

Executive Director, Kenya Connect


We’ve taken another leap towards our goal. 

The year of 2021 continues to bring both unexpected and joyous surprises. With so many variables and changing elements occurring even within a single day, at times, the universe can appear too large to navigate. However, with the support of countless passionate, dedicated, and inspiring youth,  Papillon Youth Outreach’s initiatives and mission has continued to spread positivity, inspiration, and hope to individuals around the world.  From the blossoming flowers of Boston Common and the Niagara Falls in Toronto, all the way to the neon lights of Hong Kong, the voices of our growing community leave a lasting impact alongside these global landmarks and many more. 

This spring, we are ecstatic to announce the collaborative volume between Papillon Youth Outreach and Kenya Connect. Through several months of planning, joint virtual meetings, and (lots and lots) of editing,  we are proud to announce the release of Papillon Youth Outreach’s second volume:

Share Your Voice, Share Your Story.

Kenya Connect’s mission in providing equitable opportunities for education aligned closely with our own. Through our goal in connecting creators globally, we are grateful and humbled to have partnered with an organization that stands by advocating for the representation of youth voices within society. We thank Kenya Connect for their continued dedication and support throughout the unforgettable journey and final moments leading to the publication of this volume created with love and passion. 

Share Your Voice, Share Your Story features works by both Papillon Youth Outreach and Kenya Connect. Students from [school name],  Kenya, were encouraged to explore and reflect on particular moments within their life through the means of words and brush strokes. Each piece captures the genuine emotions and voice of the student. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy this volume brought to you by the creators, activists, and leaders of tomorrow from Africa, North America, Asia, and Oceania.

Until next time, 

See where your wings take you. 

All the best,

Claire Song & Evan Woo 

Founders and Presidents of Papillon Youth Outreach