Meet The Executive Team


Claire Song; Massachusetts, USA

Co-Founder, President


Alyssa Lee


Alyssa enjoys reading, watching Marvel movies, and travelling. She has recently been exploring new ways to express her creativity through activities like photography, making clothing, dance, and digital design. She loves to swim and (sometimes) run. She also has a deep and constant craving for any type of pasta. She is grateful for the opportunity to create, learn, and support other young creators with this platform!

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Jane Rahman


Jane continues to develop her skills in digital design and illustration. Aside from her passion in capturing views of sunsets and hanging out with friends, she unwinds by listening to chill r&b music. She is always open to exploring new activities, as long as it doesn't involve moths or rodents. 

Evan Woo; Toronto, Canada

Co-Founder, President


Jessica Cheng


Jessica enjoys spending time with her friends, playing badminton (or any sport) and helping out with children. She has recently discovered her passion for design and is thrilled to apply what she has learned to Papilon. Some of her habits include falling off her penny board, mispronunciation and tiktoking randomly.

Claire enjoys meeting new people, listening to music, hanging out with friends/family, along with watching cooking and dancing videos on YouTube. Her love for dance and music blossomed at a young age and remains as a constant part of her daily life. Claire is also passionate about youth involvement, the health care system, sciences, and... dogs! Catch her petting a dog while on a morning jog.

Evan enjoys going out, listening to Spotify, going on YouTube deep dives, and has been trying to perfect his Konglish (Korean-English) accent from Kim’s Convenience for the past two years. Currently, he is working on his photography skills and has found a new love for taking portraits. Evan is willing to do anything for sleep or food, and although he misses breakfast almost every morning, when he does have the chance he culturally prepares his cereal by pouring the milk first.

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Mariana Kovalik Silva;


Southern Brazil

Editor in Chief

Mari was born and raised in Brazil, but attended high school and will attend college in the United States. She enjoys rewatching Inglorious Bastards, writing, and listening to 60´s protest folk. She "just doesn't like iMessage games", although sources say "she doesn't play because she always loses". She recently got her first poem published and cannot wait to be rejected by more literary magazines. Mari wants to be a doctor, and thus warns that pouring the milk before the cereal might be a symptom of lunacy.

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Kara Yang; Markham, Canada

Head of Marketing Canada/International Branch

Kara has always been passionate about youth involvement, and is overall an obvious bubble tea, music, and crocs enthusiast. She enjoys binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix, jamming out on her guitar, and spending an almost unhealthy amount of time on TikTok. 


Karnavaal Al-Rubayie;


Rochester & Ithaca, NY, USA

Head of Marketing USA/International Branch

Karnavaal loves to paint, read, and try new cafes. Right now she's working on her cooking and baking skills which have been really lacking recently. Karnavaal is always up for an adventure and is willing to take a chance on anything if there is a chance of making fun memories. 


Sam Su; Toronto, Canada

Financial Officer

Sam is a cheerful and happy individual, who loves traveling around the world. He is the founder of a Sneaker business on Instagram to fund his boba needs (@SamPlugs). He is fueled being around people and making new connections. Sam has passions in basketball and taking on new challenges.


Michelle Paik; Toronto, Canada

Social Director

Michelle is a passionate and determined

16-year old who enjoys exploring various art forms and acquiring new skills. Thus, she has started to longboard and hopes to successfully learn to dance on a board by the end of this summer. She also enjoys binge-watching Netflix shows, blasting music in the car, and going out for morning runs. This quarantine, surfing the web for memes and scrolling through TikTok became her two favourite forms of entertainment. If she could have a superpower, she believes that time manipulation would come in handy.  


Maggie Situ; Toronto Canada

Social Associate

Maggie enjoys cooking and playing music. She can also spend hours on end watching greys anatomy and also holds a great record of sleeping for 18+ hours. She enjoys feeding raccoons bread, and staying up till 5am playing video games.. (She doesn’t need have the best aim though). 


Elio Cao; Toronto, Canada

Web Manager

Elio likes trying new things, and therefore often finds himself with new hobbies and skills. He has a fondness for PowerPoint slides and his Scrobble history indicates that he often listens to 99% more music than the average user.

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Chen Peng; Toronto, Canada

Web Manager

Chen enjoys playing sports and going out with his friends. The quarantine has not been kind to him so he plans to start shaving off the bulk once he finds the motivation to do so. Thus to our dismay, one may conclude he will not be hitting the weights any time soon.


Dakota Chang; Vancouver, Canada

Web Associate

Dakota is a 14 year old who has spent a majority of her life in Hong Kong and currently attends high school in the USA. She loves music and coding!


Elizabeth Morin; Massachusetts, USA

Executive Content Editor

Liz enjoys writing, baking, dancing, watching Netflix, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.Currently, she is specifically working on her writing and is excited to share what she loves with everyone. Liz considers herself a very hard worker, but she also likes to have fun while working which means having a music or television on in the background.


Ragy Missak; Toronto, Canada

Executive Photo/Media Editor

Ragy has a passion to change people's lives with photography and the magic of theater. 

One of the world's youngest lighting designers he is sure to blow your mind with his work.

Ragy has spent his entire childhood sitting behind the lighting console and cameras at theaters and churches known world wide.


Tasmiya Khondoker; Toronto, Canada

Social/Media Coordinator

Tasmiya usually expresses herself through dance and digital media but she also writes and loves to play frisbee! Some might even say she’s an aesthetic wannabe. Having a sense of dark humour and the ability to sit down and watch an entire anime series is currently her biggest flex to date. 


Emily Xia; Hong Kong

Media Associate

Emily is an avid artist and designer, specializing in graphic design and digital art. One of her passions include bringing people together through the wonderful world of art and literature. 


Erin Kim; Kirkland, WA, USA

Media Associate

 Erin likes spending her free time organizing her bullet journal, singing, and facetiming her friends. She loves playing volleyball, track, and doing yoga. 

She is excited to connect with fellow student creators across the globe!

Meet The Staff Members


Adriana Uribe-Rodriguez; N. Andover, MA, USA



Arim Chloe Lee; Seoul, South Korea


Jada Dawkins; Brooklyn, NY, USA


Lindsay Wong; Melbourne, Australia




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Emelia Yang; Sacramento,CA, USA



Sheffield Wong; Toronto,Canada

Art/Graphic Design


Alhamdulillah Durojaiye; Innisfil



Rebecca Niu; Toronto, Canada

Muskaan Waraich; Vancouver, Canada

Shina Kang; Vaughan, Canada



Art/Graphic Design

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Abbie Cheng; California, USA

Art/Graphic Design


Justin Lu; Toronto, Canada


Alina He.jpg

Alina He; Toronto, Canada



Shafiya Khan; Toronto, Canada


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Emma Zhou

Podcast Host


Thomas Zhao; Toronto, Canada


Chloe Ng - Photo-1.jpg

Chloe Ng

Podcast Host


Langan Garrett

Podcast Host

Meet The General Members


Marley Felts; California, USA


Jeffrey Chen; Austin, Texas


Kennedy Ferguson; Maryland, USA


Mia Beinert; Toronto, Canada

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Eden Chen; Toronto, Canada


Jennifer Wang; Edmonton, Canada

Darolyn So; Toronto, Canada


Anna Park; Toronto, Canada


Faith Domingo; Scarborough, Canada


Alina Phan; Toronto, Canada

Anita Du; Toronto, Canada


Nathanisha Snitwongse; Toronto, Canada

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Angelynn Kheisya; Jakarta, Indonesia

Kamakshi Bali; India

Past Members

We thank our past members for their dedication to our mission.


Cathy Cho; South Korea


Sara Gehlaut; Toronto, Canada


Gloria Choi; Missouri, USA


Noemi Elliott; Singapore


Lindsay Wong; Melbourne, Australia


Ivy Shi; Fresno, USA


Chloe Lee; Seoul, South Korea


Mia Beinert; Toronto, Canada