Generation’s Youth

They were there for it all.

They watched it happen.

Felt the losses.

Screamed for the struggles.

Cheered for the victories.

It was as much theirs as it was anyone else’s.

But what was different about them,

Was that they saw the reason

They knew inequalities,

And their innocence drove them to keep dreaming.

It was frustrating!

How could they be so close.

So close they could almost touch it.

Each time they were there

Each time someone said

“This time, this time they are going to get it”

Something went wrong,

Something didn’t work,

Someone said—


They grew up to be divided in a situation where unity was the only answer.

They didn’t need to agree,

But they couldn’t disagree either.

It played back—and forth.

Dancing a topped the line of


Too far—

Not far enough—

Pushing the boundaries.

Ruining the moments.

It was less of a race together

And more of a fight against each other.

They had the same goal.

They wanted it so bad,


They were blind as to what would get them there.

They were overthinking it,

Going so fast they didn’t see what was right in front of them.

They couldn’t see that all they needed was—

To stop.

To breath.

To be grateful to be able to improve, instead of destroy.

They needed to see what they already had.

And use that to change what was already there.

They had each other.

Not just those who they knew,

Not just those who were standing besides them,


They had each other!

They all breathed the same air.

Cried the same tears.

Laughed in the same moments.

And they wanted the same victories.

Each generation started out wanting change.

Wanting to purify the world.

But that doesn’t happen overnight.

And as more and more of them broke off

from its overwhelming undertaking

They gave up.

They left it to the next generation.

Each generation started too late,

And ended too early.

They began fighting only when that responsibility was burdened upon them.

And stopped when the burden was capable of transfer.

But now!

Now we have a shot.

We have started fighting long

before those before us gave up.

We see the bigger picture,

We know what it could be,

We see what it should be,

And most importantly we will

work to never accept anything less.

We have control in this fight.

We have the upper hand.

And we see not just what we want to see,

But what we need to see.

Change is no longer a possibility,

It’s a Necessity

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