“I Wish I Were Heather”

Conan Gray

We have all wanted to be Heather at some point in life or another. Conan Gray’s song has related to all of us. People typically change themselves in order to fit in with the crowd and have a higher chance of success. People typically seek means of security with others and “Heather” disrupts the security that everyone longs for. She is everything that people look up to but no one knows the true things happening in Heather’s world. On the outside, she seems like the “it girl” that has her life together, but she might not. We grow to have hatred towards Heather but do not know the challenges she faces underneath the surface. While we start to doubt ourselves because we all want to be in Heather’s shoes, she might want to be in ours. She might not want all of the attention that she receives. She might want to be “normal” for one day, rather than have half her school lust after her and the other despise her. She keeps a brave face and hangs out with the popular crowd on the outside but she might be battling her inner demons alone. She never has a dull moment on the outside, but she may be suffering at home.

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