Mother Nature Is Terrified

Mother Nature is terrified for her children.

They’re growing up and she doesn’t know what to do.

What is she even supposed to say to them?

When all they do is stay behind closed doors.

Remembering when Spring took her first steps,

and Summer’s smile when Autumn fell into Winter’s hands.

Oh how it hurts for a mother to see her children in pain.

Their storms, tsunamis, and their earthquakes.

Mother Nature knows she must let her children grow,

Father Time never being home,

Mother Nature is getting old,

She’s getting tired.

Who will take care of her children?

When her health declines and she gets sick.

Who will protect her babies,

From the CEO’s of greed and green.

You see all it takes is two hands held together,

Throwing things in proper bins

Blue, black, and other colours.

Signing petitions, cleaning up rivers,

Maybe if we started this earlier

We could’ve prevented the wildfires.

It’s not too late, we still have time,

Doesn’t it hurt to make Mother Nature’s children cry

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