Of broken wings

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

of broken wings and untamed winds;

send me a sign of life

for i don't see myself living long

how does one fly when the wind wishes for you to drown

drown in the noise of it’s ruckus, it’s blunders, and ignorance

to fly, oh to fly, how i dream to fly

yet at this rate i’ve not even a chance to touch the sky

tame your unruly winds

so that i may spread my broken wings

tarnished, they already are

my beautiful new wings

tarnished as your wild winds strip the time, the innocent, the curious out of their youthful

to leave us full

full of longing

to break free

to break out

full of a longing for my words to grace somebody's willing ears

from my youth i'll have to bloom

if flying is what i dream

no need to tame your unruly winds

for over them will be where my broken wings will sing

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