Our Vision

As a 14-year-old creator from Toronto, Canada, being able to creatively express myself through my works has opened a world full of opportunity and color. Photography has been a

passion of mine that has enabled me to capture the world from a new perspective— a new view to the rest of the world. My works are a form of my own creative self-expression and my own interpretation of I view my world. “Our Vision” is a piece that embodies some of the various and many ways that we as youth use to express ourselves. These wonderful forms of expression are dispersed throughout this photo and are not limited to those displayed. From the photographer’s point of view to the insight of the models and chalk illustrations, each has its own unique component. Other symbols and visuals also hold a deeper, significant meaning to them, which can mean something different to every viewer— a theme I like to connect with my viewer in each of my works. When viewing my works, I want my viewer to be able to connect my pieces with their own world as well.

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