Tired of YOUR bullshit

We are tired. We are stressed. We should not have to clean up the mess that our grandparents made. We should not have to fear walking outside when trying to enjoy our lives. Gen Z is tired. We are outraged by the fact that people cannot live in harmony because of the prejudice put in place in society by the older generations. Generation Z is going headfirst into the fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia, and more. Everyone should have equal rights and it is unfair that the only “free” people in the world are heterosexual white men.

The President of the United States (whose name I do not like to associate with leadership in America) has shown the public that he is not afraid to speak his mind no matter how much his words and actions offend and hurt the people in America. During the beginning of his presidency, he placed a travel ban on countries with large Muslim populations expect the Islamic countries that have had beneficial financial ties to the US (Politico) (nilc). When the Coronavirus pandemic started growing in America, he referred to the virus as “the Chinese virus” despite scientists proving that the strand found in the US came from travelers from Europe (NYU Langone Health). After George Floyd’s death and the riots started throughout the country, the president tweeted “If they loot, then we shoot” implying that he is more than willing to go to war against his citizens, rather try to bring the country together as injustice is being brought to light (The Washington Post). Since his candidacy, he has been accused of sexual misconduct and degrading women. In an interview, the president said he “grabs [women] by the p***y”. The President and Jefferey Epstein, a famous financer that was arrested on sex trafficking charges but later committed suicide while in jail, have had a long history together. The two have been known to be good friends for years and have been spotted at many famous parties together. Epstein is also known to be friends with former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Now that Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes are being investigated, he has also been accused of sexual misconduct against more women and even children (FilmDaily). When talking about minorities, he often adds an article: the, to blur them into small groups rather than the tens of thousands of people included in these groups and constantly marginalizes and stereotypes them (Vox). This man has signed legislation that would prevent transgender patients from getting the healthcare that they desperately need. He is rolling back a section in the Affordable Care Act placed by former President Barack Obama that would prohibit medical workers from discriminating against patients based on their gender identity and termination of pregnancy (The Washington Post).

Most of Generation Z were not voting age during the 2016 election and the generation before we took their voting rights for granted and believed that no matter who they voted for, their voices would not be heard. A lot of people in 2016 thought that neither of the Presidential candidates were fit enough to be president and decided that voting that year did not matter. However, now that we have all seen the things that occur when we do not participate in voting, hopefully, more and more people will be more conscious about who they vote for in November. We should all weigh the pros and cons of all candidates before making our final decisions rather than voting for one party because you despise the other. If we don’t, we are going to have to keep protesting for basic human rights. We will have to keep rioting just to get out points across. We may seem like children to the rest of the world but we will be the ones to start the movement of being compassionate and thoughtful towards our companions. We create protest signs based on memes. We spray painted acronyms over major buildings. We demonstrated our frustration with the President of the United States all over social media, causing him to “throw a fit” for goodness sake. We are making sure that we WILL be heard because we are coming to take over the government.

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