To the Graduating Class of 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Senior year will be a daze

This quarantine is just a phase

No worries at this age

College will be the next stage

I'm moving on

I'm ready to go

I'll take the road that leads me

To the place where I wanna be

I'll lose a lot along the way

But I know that in the end

It'll be worth the wait

It'll be worth the pain

Life is an endless maze

Death is a haze

No one knows what tomorrow brings

Today is all you have and yesterday is what you are

Nothing happens without a reason

Sometimes you'll get scared

That if no one ever cared

What does it mean to be alive

Times like these you have to try

And find the strength that lies behind

If you believe you'll find the strength

You'll find it and you'll cross great lengths

You'll see the true beauty

That lays, hidden from the lens

Of man's naked eye

You shall see that time flies by

And the only thing that's left

Is not money but the sky

And the ones who never left

Who were always in your mind

At times, in your heart

That's the beauty of life

You can't see it but it's there

The pain is worth it at the end

When you see the true beauty of life

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