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Papillon Youth Outreach’s first volume, From Youth, features youth creators from across the globe. Each unique submission expresses an interpretation of our youth through the use of personal stories, rhymes, brush strokes, and technology. 

From, Youth reflects the voices of  creators and changemakers within Generation Z— our ambitions, ideas, and perspectives of the world we live in. This volume showcases the works by Papillon Youth Outreach’s members and competition winners who explored their thoughts on what it means to be a teenager in today’s society.

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Let’s take the risk. 


Throughout our childhood, we’ve come to notice the number of times children are often neglected when it comes to their opinions, talents, and potential. When we first started our organization, Papillon Youth Outreach, we went in with nothing more than our passion for youth representation and goal to provide a platform to showcase the works and perspectives of youth. We wanted to link creators through unique opportunities. 


We know. These are some lofty goals for two high school students. 


However, after long nights filled with planning, designing our own website and logo, and revising, we couldn’t be more grateful when fellow teens began to rally with us on this journey. To date, we have members from six different countries and twenty different cities around the globe. Our growing community makes the experience of collaborating and learning from youth alike so much more magical.  


With that being said, we are proud to announce Papillon Youth Outreach’s first volume, From, Youth.


This volume features some of our own member writers/artists and competition winners who expressed the central theme of youth through the use of words, rhymes, brush strokes and technology. Every submission is unique and expresses the diverse range of what youth represents. From innocence to freedom all the way to struggles and finding one’s own voice, we hope you will kick back and enjoy this volume as much as we do. 


But… this is just the beginning. We are so excited for all the new projects and initiatives we have in store for the future.


For now, we’ll sign off with our signature closing statement as we say in our podcast, Out of the Cocoon (go check it out!). 


Until next time, 

See where your wings take you. 


Kind regards,


Claire Song & Evan Woo 

Founders and Presidents of Papillon Youth Outreach